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A non-profit, industrial development organization designed to meet the area’s needs for economic development, Chamco, Inc. provides no-cost, confidential services to industrial and manufacturing-oriented businesses. With the goals of expanding local industry, attracting new industry, and selling industrial park space, Chamco offers advocacy, expertise, and financial assistance to a variety of industries in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and the surrounding communities.

Comprised of state-recognized staff and a 30-member board of directors from the community’s leading companies, Chamco, Inc. offers a wealth of experience and expertise to help businesses either relocate or expand within the area.

Special services and unique features make Chamco, Inc., the Oshkosh Industrial Development Corporation, a leading economic force within the Midwest. For example, Chamco is implementing an interest-only loan program to meet the financial concerns of prospective and existing businesses. Chamco is also exploring ways it can provide creative financial options for its innovative Industrial Building Program.

In addition, the creation and development of a federal Foreign Trade Zone, within one of our several industrial parks, now offers reduced costs for companies involved in the importing and exporting of goods. The zone allows for the storage of goods without the cost of tariffs being attached until they are moved out of the zone. Depending on how the goods are stored, businesses may be completely exempt from all tariffs.


Chamco's History

Chamco, Inc., the Oshkosh Industrial Development Corporation, was formed in 1959 when a group of Oshkosh area residents worked with Standard Kollsman Industries, Inc. to build a branch plant in Oshkosh. One of the requirements needed by the company was a lease back arrangement in an effort to conserve capital for business operations. Due to the unavailability of such a vehicle to accomplish this task, the group formed a non-profit development corporation to assist in meeting the company’s requirements. After seeing the potential of such a vehicle in the future of the community, Chamco was incorporated as a non-profit organization in March of 1960 to promote the development of the industrial, commercial, economic, and social growth of the City of Oshkosh and the surrounding communities. What began as a single initiative to arrange the financing and construction of a manufacturing facility for Standard Kollsman Industries, Inc. has evolved into one of Wisconsin’s most aggressive, responsive, and highly regarded industrial development organizations.

In 1972, the Oshkosh Industrial Development Committee (OIDC) was formed to actively promote the expansion of local industry, attract new industry, sell space in the industrial parks, and oversee the activities of the professional development staff. A decision to engage a full-time staff to actively pursue these goals was initiated. The OIDC became the official executive committee of Chamco, Inc.

In 1977, aggressively seeking greater industrial growth, Chamco initiated a speculative building program. This program’s success is shown in both the sale of these facilities and in the increased activities they have generated.

Since the development of Chamco, the organization has completed 18 industrial buildings, retained over 4,000 jobs, created over 3,000 new jobs, and assisted companies in securing over $1 million in Customized Labor Training Program funds to train workers in new technology.

And that’s really just the beginning …


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