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Foreign Trade Zone

GlobalOne, Inc., Oshkosh’s Industrial Development Corporation, is an expansion of Brown CountyMap Depicting Oshkosh's Location, Wisconsin’s, Foreign Trade Zone #167. Approved in the summer of 2005, Chirch Global, LLC and Chamco, Inc. (Oshkosh’s industrial development corporation) developed the 1617-acre FTZ to include land within Oshkosh’s Southwest Industrial Park, Wittman Regional Airport and Fox Valley Technical College’s Spanbauer Campus.

GlobalOne is more than available acreage. It is a location for experienced students to work on leading-edge equipment and for zone-based businesses to benefit from competitive labor costs. It is also a place for businesses to efficiently manage transportation logistics and for aviation companies to expand on airport grounds. GlobalOne is competing globally ... locally.

What is a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)?

Foreign trade zones, created by the federal government in the 1930s, are the United States’ version of international free trade zones. Their purpose is to stimulate economic growth by facilitating trade and increasing United States-based companies’ global competitiveness. Duty minimization and ease of distribution are the two greatest benefits companies receive when participating in foreign trade zones. Zones may be used to store foreign or domestic goods, re-package materials, and assemble or manufacture products. Goods may also be re-exported without paying U.S. Customs’ duties.

There are two types of FTZs:

General Purpose Zone:
Required to be located near a Customs port of entry, a general purpose zone (GPZ) offers storage for temporary or long-term use.

A designee of a general purpose zone, subzones can be located at a distance from a Customs port of entry and still maintain FTZ benefits.

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