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Chamco, Inc. offers a full range of services to industrial- and manufacturing-oriented businesses on a no-cost, confidential basis.

Liaison/Business Advocacy - Chamco's close connection to city, county, and state government provides direct access to decision makers. Prospective businesses and existing employers can receive answers to development questions quickly and confidentially.

Community/Economic Data - Chamco assists businesses in obtaining vital information required in developing or expanding an existing business. Upon request, the development experts will initiate specialized information publications and provide information regarding available buildings, industrial sites, work force availability, wage rates, lease rates, construction costs, taxes, utility costs, etc.

Site and Facility Selection Assistance - Chamco assists the City of Oshkosh and surrounding areas in industrial park acquisitions, expansions, park layouts, and reasonable, protective covenants for an orderly and productive development.

Industrial Park Land Sales - As an agent for the City of Oshkosh, Chamco handles the sale of the city's four industrial parks and the associated business facility requirements. The parks are named Aviation, NorthNorthwest and Southwest Industrial Park.

Financing Assistance and Training Programs - Chamco provides assistance to businesses in obtaining industrial revenue bonds, SBA loans, grants and various alternative means of obtaining capital. Chamco has secured over $1 million dollars in Customized Labor Training Grants for businesses to train workers in new technology.

Turn-Key/Built-to-Suit Construction - This innovative program helps area manufacturers acquire new and additional space. Under the "spec building program," Chamco purchases property, develops it to suit the needs of the company, and leases it at a reduced rate for a period of 5-10 years. At the end of the lease, Chamco sells the property to the company at the original purchase price.

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